A recent project - for a Global company - resulted in a more than 20% (average) increase in distrubution utilisation. In addition significant material useage reductions were achieved.
Compression analysis carried out on the corrugated material specs highlighted the continual over specification of materials designed over a period of time.
We are Independent Packaging Consultants for packaging development, pack improvement, packaging damage reduction, packaging software solutions and packaging expert witness requirements.
Our on site service is designed to give you access to a Consultant without being obligated to utilise his/her services throughout the duration of a project. With the 1 on 1 service we review your requirements and then provide 1 or 2 Consultants (who have the necessary technical expertise) on site for a day to review your Packaging project requirements.

This on site work can provide us with enough information to suggest a way forward for your project. The Consultants would normally be able to provide 'outline' information on Packaging strategy, cost, designs, materials, machinery, implementation, pros and cons of the available options.

On conclusion of the site visit you have the option to continue with our services or use the information we provide to use your own people on site to conclude the project.
On site visits?
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We have created and continually maintain a comprehensive database of Packaging Material and Machinery Suppliers. We use this to refer clients to the best supplier for projects we are working on.
Packaging Information
Our work will ensure a balanced approach, that will optimise your Packaging requirements and establish a strategy for the future. We can either complete projects in full or provide management advice and assistance to your own personnel to ensure their efforts are maximised.

Our project work for Packaging Suppliers, Users, Retailers and Distribution chain companies means that we understand all of your supply chain requirements.

The range of Packaging Consultants we can supply means that you have a choice of experts in the various Packaging disciplines.
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